Hot Products May 2011

By Staff Writer | May 1, 2011

ALERTS Delivers Big Safety in a Small Package

The ALERTS system is an end-to-end solution for implementing flight data monitoring and improving training in any type of aviation operation. With hardware to suit any aircraft and an innovative software suite to analyze and replay flights, ALERTS improves operational safety, training effectiveness and operational efficiency. The Vision 1000, Appareo Systems’ latest product offering, is a lightweight (9 oz.), self-contained device that captures GPS and inertial data, high-resolution cockpit imagery and ambient/ICS audio. Requiring only power, ground and a GPS antenna, Vision 1000 mounts readily in nearly any aircraft and provides a complete record of every flight. With synced playback of cockpit imagery, audio, 3D replay and 2D graphs, users have all the necessary information to analyze even complicated flight maneuvers for safety and accuracy. ALERTS software also provides long-term trending and analysis features to track fleet performance and improvement over time. ALERTS shines as a training tool as well—instructors are able to provide comprehensive debriefs for their students, just moments after the flight. Contact Appareo Systems at sales@appareo.com or visit www.appareo.com

CORRIDOR Aviation Maintenance Software


CORRIDOR is an aviation-specific enterprise software application developed for any type of aviation service business. Large or small. Full service or specialized. Rotary or fixed-wing. CORRIDOR’s modular design lets each organization customize their solution. Modules include those for Inventory Procurement & Logistics, Maintenance & Shop Management, Part Sales & Retail Distribution, Customer & Vendor Management, Aircraft Maintenance Record Keeping, Accounting Integration, and more. CORRIDOR automates the entire maintenance process from quoting through work performed to invoicing—in real-time. Created by aviation professionals, CORRIDOR is proven throughout the industry to improve efficiency, reduce errors, increase control and visibility, reduce costs, and elevate customer service levels. Contact us today for more and to request a demo, phone 1-512-918-8900 or visit www.corridor.aero

Offshore Helideck Lighting from FEC Heliports

Heliportsequipment.com, in conjunction with IMT Lighting, provides complete lighting packages for offshore helidecks. Their range of helideck/offshore lighting is resistant against explosions, vibrations, water and salt. In addition, the companies’ offshore lighting systems comply with the following international guidelines, directives, standards and recommended practices: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Annex 14 Vol. II–Heliports and ATEX and CAP 437, Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas–Guidance on Standards. The range of helideck lighting equipment includes perimeter lights, floodlights, illuminated windsocks, wave-off lights (Status Lights) and obstruction lights. Visit www.HeliportsEquipment.com for more information on their high quality offshore lighting systems.

Archangel Systems AHR150A CAAS Compliant ADAHRS

Archangel Systems, Inc. offers its AHR150A ADAHRS to the DoD and to the Part 23, 25, 27 and 29 civilian markets. Developed for use in the BA609 tiltrotor fly-by-wire systems, the AHR150A is a two-box air data, attitude and heading reference system with low data latencies and RSVM-compliant air data. For customers focused on ISR, SAR and EMS missions, AHR150A orbit and step turn performance (long duration banking maneuvers) meets or exceeds that of FOG-based AHRS at a fraction of the weight and price. FAA TSO C4c, C5f (DG Mode), C6d, C88b, C106 approvals have been awarded. All software is DO178B Level A (mission critical) running on redundant and dissimilar processors with ARINC 429 I/O compliant to CAAS bus architecture standards. Environmental test certifications are per RTCA/DO160-E. A detailed listing per section/category with cross-references to Mil-Std-810 is available on request. Erickson Air-Crane selected the AHR150A for its S-64 fleet. Archangel has worked closely with Erickson during their TC approval process, culminating in the initial S-64 retrofit delivery to San Diego Gas & Electric in December 2010. The AHR150A is available in quantity for both new OEM and STC programs. Additional details are available at www.archangel.com/products

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