Serolor Branches Out Into Helicopter Development

By By Thierry Dubois | July 5, 2011

Fameck, France-based Serolor, a company that specializes in precision tooling for metallurgy applications, has started developing a turbine-powered two-seat helicopter that will first be offered as a kit for amateur construction. Heli Air Design, the offshoot company created by Serolor to take over the project, was planning—as of June 30—to fly the HAD1-T Helineo in a hover by the end of July. Ultimately, it has plans for full EASA CS-27 certification. Serolor display the Helineo at the Paris Air Show in June. It features a three-blade main rotor, an airframe made of metal and composites and one 160-shp Solar T62 T-32 turboshaft.
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