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Avinet Offers Cloud-Based SMS Software

By By Andy Healey | September 16, 2011

Australian software company Avinet (Stand 1406) is building a customer base for its Air Maestro online safety application. Launched six years ago, Air Maestro, which is based in the cloud, helps operators to effectively run a safety management system (SMS). CEO Mike Mulvihill explains, “Cloud offers secure Internet-based computing where resources, software and information are shared and provided to computers and other devices on demand, an everyday utility. It is a hot trend in the IT world offering big benefits to businesses.” Adelaide-based Avinet developed Air Maestro six years ago for a customer who wanted a reliable and cost-effective SMS. Now Mulvihill claims more than 5,000 users based around the world. “On average, someone logs on every 22 seconds. Being based in the cloud means operators can reduce costs, improve reliability, increase mobility and eliminate messy paper trails.”


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