American Eurocopter Selects HELISIM as Satellite Training Facility

By Staff Writer | November 10, 2011

American Eurocopter selected HELISIM as a satellite flight training facility for its Training Center for medium/large twin-engine helicopters.

Co-located with Eurocopter’s facility at Marseille Airport in Marignane, France, HELISIM provides flight simulator training for all of Eurocopter’s medium/large twin-engine helicopters, including the AS365 N2, EC155, AS322 L1/L2, EC225 and NH90.

HELISIM’s EC155 Level D flight simulator received FAA CFR Part 142 approval in July. American Eurocopter said it can now train pilots under FAA regulations using HELISIM as a satellite of its own flight training organization. This allows U.S. EC155 operators to benefit the capabilities offered by this full motion training device and further demonstrates the continued efforts by American Eurocopter to better support its customers, developing innovative, cost-effective and safety-oriented services.


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