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Hot Products December 2011

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2011

Handheld 406 Decoder Assisting with SAR Available from Techtest

The 12-406-9 is a touchscreen handheld 406 decoder that receives and decodes COSPAS SARSAT distress or test messages. The need to detect and locate downed aircrew has always existed. Accurately pinpointing both aircraft and crew can sometimes necessitate a lengthy search scenario. The increased population of COSPAS /SARSAT (C/S) 406MHz beacons worldwide is aiding the task significantly. In particular, for those able to transmit with embedded GPS, the potential is there for the land or airborne search and sescue (SAR) forces to affect immediate rescue. The Techtest 12-406-9 is specifically designed to detect, locate, and verify any 406MHz beacon transmission, including ELT or ADELT/CPI and EPIRBs. It is able to immediately display the transmitted GPS latitude/longitude location of the beacon if present and, in conjunction with the built-in GPS receiver, display range and bearing information. For more information, visit

L-3 Launches MX-10 Training Course, Gains ADASI Order


L-3 Wescam has agreed to provide eight MX-10 electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems to Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Co. The Middle East operator will employ the MX-10 turrets in surveillance missions using the unmanned Schiebel S-100 Camcopter (shown at right). Deliveries of the MX-10s are scheduled to begin in December and run through March 2012. During the Dubai Air Show, L-3 Wescam also announced the establishment of an eLearning training series for the MX Series EO/IR imaging and targeting turrets. The online program covers operation and maintenance skills needed for the MX Series. The 12-hour course is patterned after L-3 Wescam’s traditional class courses and supplies operators with a completion certificate at the end of the training program. A sample module is available at and for more on L-3 Wescam courses, visit

Meeker-AirFilm Earns STC for Bell 429 Camera & Sensor Mounts

British Columbia, Canada-based Meeker-AirFilm has received an FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) for nose and aft camera, searchlight and sensor mounts on Bell 429s. The STC allows the company to install nose mounts without removing or adjusting avionics equipment by using existing aircraft hole patterns. Clam-shell doors can still be used with the aft mounts in place, according to the company. Both mounts are configured to work with most leading camera, searchlight and sensor equipment brands. Meeker-AirFilm is also awaiting EASA approval for the mounts. For more information, visit

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