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EAG’s Annual Personnel Recovery Course Completes Spanish Tests

By By Andrew Drwiega, Military Editor | December 22, 2011

The European Air Group held its annual Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course (CJPRSC) at the Albacete airbase, Spain, from October 14-26. This was formally known as the Combined Joint Combat Search and Rescue course (CJCSAR). The concept behind the annual CJPRSC is to provide individual training for personnel with responsibility for personnel recovery tasks. It trains and tests their knowledge and proficiency in planning and executing PR missions “in a non permissive, multinational environment embedded in a COMAO [Composite Air Operation], using operational documents.”

The initial planning meeting was held at the EAG headquarters at RAF High Wycombe in January 2011, followed by a further planning meeting at the airbase in Spain during June. As in the past few years, Lt. Col. Uwe Schleimer, based at the EAG in RAF High Wycombe, UK, organized the CJPRSC.
Once again the course attracted a good international attendance with 13 nations sending a total of 319 personnel and 17 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The main nations contributing forces and benefiting from the CJPRSC training were Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the United States. Personnel from six other nations contributed to support and observer roles.
“The Spanish Air Force made a great effort; we had 10 fixed wing sorties every day,” said Schleimer, JPR-1 at the EAG and main coordinator of the course.

CJPRSC Participating Aircraft


1 MC-130, USAF
1 EH101 C2, Italian Navy
2 F-1M, Spanish Air Force
2 F-18M, Spanish Air Force
2 AS555, French Air Force
2 AB212, Italian Air Force
1 EH101, Italian Navy
1 CH-53G, German Army
1 SA330, French Air Force
2 AS332B, Italian Air Force
2 HH3F, Italian Air Force

Total hours flown = 227

Note: The full story of the European Air Group’s Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardization Course 2011 will be published in an upcoming print issue of Rotor & Wing.

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