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AW101 Wins 2011 Cormorant Trophy

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2012

The winner of the 2011 Cormorant Trophy is the Canadian Forces’ AW101. AgustaWestland

Canadian Forces’ 442 Squadron is the recipient of the 2011 Cormorant Trophy for Helicopter Rescue. The trophy, presented annually by AgustaWestland, is awarded to a “Canadian civilian, government or military crew that has performed the most demanding helicopter rescue of the year” as determined by a panel of judges from the Canadian Forces and journalists. This year’s Cormorant recognizes the December 2010 night rescue of a hiker stranded more than 5,000 feet up on a mountainside during 52 mph winds with a winter storm approaching. Aircraft commander Capt. Jean Leroux told Canadian Forces at that the rescue, which employed an AW101, “was one of the most challenging missions of my career.”


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