Hot Products January 2012

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2012

Heliport Lighting Equipment

FEC Heliports designs and manufactures high quality heliport lighting that is manufactured to meet heliport guideline recommendations worldwide. With the very finest quality, fully warranted and best-priced options on the market, FEC can be reached at to discuss your needs, however large or small, and provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your heliport lighting system. also offers a range of portable helipads right through to helipad lighting, landing dollies, fire and rescue equipment, helipad crash rescue equipment lockers and much more. The company endeavors to supply you with a full range of products and are constantly researching others that would bring value to their customers worldwide. For more information, call +44 (0) 1494 775226, fax +44 (0) 1494 775227 or visit

Rockwell Collins Launches Panorama Glass Front Projection


Rockwell Collins has introduced its Panorama Glass Front Projection (GFP) display, which complements the avionics manufacturer’s EP-8000 Image Generator, providing students with a high-fidelity training experience. The GFP features enriched scene content for realistic terrain views and high-resolution images. The Panorama GFP display can also be used for night vision goggle (NVG) crew training when combined with a Rockwell Collins 2015HC projector. For additional information, call 1-319-295-1000 or visit

Navy Tests HeliTAWS on SH-60

Sandel Avionics has wrapped up U.S. Navy ground testing of its ST3400H HeliTAWS using a Sikorsky SH-60 test bed. The wire and terrain avoidance system was integrated with the helicopter’s existing avionics and electrical systems. The system incorporates WireWatch with TrueAlert, allowing pilots to take off, cruise, hover and land at off-airport locations without encountering nuisance alerts, while still being able to receive Class-A terrain and obstacle warnings during the flight. Now that ground tests are complete, Sandel plans to install a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) HeliTAWS unit on an SH-60F for flight testing. Contact Sandel Avionics at 1-760-727-4900 or visit

Honeywell Reaches Middle East Distribution Agreements

Under new distribution agreements with civil and military suppliers, Honeywell is expanding in the Middle East. Transworld Aviation, a support services supplier in the Middle East and Africa, will now be able to provide parts and maintenance to civil, commercial and military helicopter operators. Honeywell also signed with Global Aerospace Logistics (GAL) to service operators in the United Arab Emirates. GAL clients include the Presidential Guards for UAE and other military operators in the country. For more details contact Honeywell at 1-877- 841-2840 or visit

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