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Hot Products March 2012

By Staff Writer | March 1, 2012

Tech-Tool Plastics: Reinforced and Ready to Install EC120, EC130 Windows

Tech-Tool Plastics is pleased to offer the ultimate in quality replacement windows for your Eurocopter EC120 and EC130 helicopters. Currently FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and ANAC approved, these windows offer reinforced edging which helps prevent cracking during extreme temperature changes. Plus, these replacement windows are available with a variety of options. From forward-door windows without slides for law enforcement operators, to forward-door windows that come standard with slides, Tech-Tool windows can improve the effectiveness of your mission. Additional options include air vents, clear or tinted acrylic and slide assemblies. Years of experience and a strong focus on innovation have allowed Tech-Tool Plastics to become the leader in replacement and custom windows for rotorcraft. Ensuring durability, ease of installation and an unwavering focus on quality—Tech-Tool customers experience immediate service with little or no down time. Contact Tech-Tool Plastics at 1-800-433-2210 or visit the company on the web at:

Donaldson Hosts Inlet Barrier Filter Briefing During Heli-Expo


St. Louis, Mo.-based Donaldson Aerospace & Defense president Mike Scimone held a workshop, “Engine Protection—Realizing Return on Investment (ROI) Quickly,” explaining the benefits of inlet barrier filter (IBF) systems from foreign object damage, which can range from the usual dust, dirt and rocks to the unusual, including tree frogs and bats. Scimone related a story where he was performing an engine teardown on an MD Helicopters’ MH-6 Little Bird when he discovered a bat in the particle separator. Scimone displayed filters at various life cycles, with 15 being the maximum advised for Donaldson filters (example shown here), to demonstrate the filter’s ability to “catch everything and keep everything out.” Scimone also presented a return on investment study of an operator with a fleet of 24 Bell 206s. “The numbers were pretty brutal … without the IBF they were going to spend $6.9 million” over eight years, whereas with the system, the operator only spent $2.9 million over that same time. The session followed several operators in the U.S., Africa and the Middle East choosing IBFs for civil and military fleets. More information is available at: —By Chris Sheppard, Associate Editor

Sikorsky Aerospace Services Launches Helotrac 2X

Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) has unveiled a new software system for Sikorsky’s commercial helicopters, Helotrac 2X. The new web-based software is an upgrade of Helotrac RL and allows operators to access compliance information and links to OEM bulletins, FAA airworthiness directives and maintenance tracking records. Monitoring and maintenance reports, including projections, history and archives, are part of Helotrac 2X, along with the ability to interface directly with interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs). The software is available for the S-70i, S-76, S-92 and S-434, as well as other helicopter types and fixed-wing aircraft. SAS expects that inventory maintenance work orders and ground support asset tracking (GSATS) will be available for the software before the end of 2012. For more information, visit

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