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Quad-A Highlights Spouses, Families

By By Andrew Parker | April 3, 2012

The sacrifices that military families make took center stage on Monday during the opening ceremonies of the Army Aviation Association of America’s Professional Forum and Exhibition in Nashville. Maj. Gen. Anthony Crutchfield and his wife, Kim, honored a number of spouses for continued support while significant others are deployed overseas. The theme prevailed throughout the presentation of the National Awards, with several airmen thanking their wives and families.

“We’d like to take a moment to thank our soldiers…” Anthony Crutchfield said, “…and to our families,” added Kim Crutchfield.

“Your hard work and dedication for the past 10 years of war have made Army Aviation the most respected, and the most demanded branch in our Army,” explained Anthony Crutchfield.


“Ten years Army families have endured long separations, but they do it with pride and determination,” Kim Crutchfield added. “The strength of our soldiers is the family.” The forum included a session specifically for spouses on Monday afternoon and a “Wellness Cafe” for tips on living healthy and dealing with stress.

Photos by Andrew Parker

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