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Grizzy Eats NH90s, EC725s to Meet Military IOC

By By Andrew Drwiega, Military Editor | July 1, 2012

An EC725 being loaded onboard the Airbus A400M military transport in Toulouse, France. EADS

Current and potential operators of NH Industries NH90 and Eurocopter EC725 helicopters will be interested to note that Airbus Military has recently been demonstrating the loading of both types of helicopter onto its new A400M airlifter.

Tests took place at Holzdorf air base in Germany and at Toulouse, France respectively. The NH90 and EC725 were loaded onto, and unloaded from, the Grizzly 4 development aircraft in line with meeting its military Initial Operating Capability (IOC) certification. The tests were the first demonstrations of the A400M’s capability using real helicopters.


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