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ASU Gains Canadian MD900 Approval

By Staff Writer | July 3, 2012

Horizon Helicopters’ MD900 will receive Transport Canada-approved NVG modifications from ASU. Horizon

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) of Boise, Idaho has received Transport Canada approval to carry out night vision cockpit modifications on the MD900. The certification comes after ASU modified an MD900 in operation with Horizon Helicopters based in the Yukon Territory. The helicopter is intended for medical and SAR operations. ASU’s Kip McDermott points out that Horizon operates in remote areas with few light sources.

An inside look at the Pasadena Police Department’s newly customized Bell OH-58 Kiowa. ASU

ASU has also completed an order for the Pasadena Police Department’s Air Operations Section for four night vision goggle (NVG) systems, modifications and training. ASU customized the interiors of two Bell OH-58 Kiowas and provided initial training for seven pilots. The Pasadena Air Operations Section fleet also includes an MD500E.

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