Hot Products August 2012

By Staff Writer | August 1, 2012

Tech-Tool Plastics: Reinforced and Ready to Install EC120, EC130 Windows

Tech-Tool Plastics is pleased to offer the ultimate in quality replacement windows for your Eurocopter EC120 and EC130 helicopters. Currently FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and ANAC approved, these windows offer reinforced edging which helps prevent cracking during extreme temperature changes. Plus, these replacement windows are available with a variety of options. From forward-door windows without slides for law enforcement operators, to forward-door windows that come standard with slides, Tech-Tool windows can improve the effectiveness of your mission. Additional options include air vents, clear or tinted acrylic and slide assemblies. Years of experience and a strong focus on innovation have allowed Tech-Tool Plastics to become the leader in replacement and custom windows for rotorcraft. Ensuring durability, ease of installation and an unwavering focus on quality—Tech-Tool customers experience immediate service with little or no down time. Contact Tech-Tool Plastics by phone at 1-800-433-2210 or visit the company on the web at:

New Techtest 406 MHz Ejection Seat Now Compatible with PLB


The 500-30 is the latest member of the highly successful Techtest PLB range offering 406-MHz transmission and Guard frequency transmission combined with embedded GPS to provide positional accuracy of ≤100m. With both manual and automatic activation capability the beacon offers maximum flexibility across a fleet of aircraft. Providing interface solutions for inclusion in PSPs within ejection seats such as ACES II/III and in combination with parachute activation mechanisms such as the BA22. Once activated upon ejection the PLB will transmit SAR frequency signals via remote antennas allowing rapid recovery. Once on the ground aircrew can continue to transit using remote or integrated dual frequency antennas including GPS providing portable functionality and the ability to control beacon transmission according to circumstance. With five-year battery life, 48 hours transmission on 121.5MHz and 24 hours on 406MHz at -20°C, the 500-30 meets COSPAS SARSAT, ED-62A, STANAG 7007 and MIL-STD 810F specifications. Contact Andrew Dawson at or visit

DAC International’s Solution for Tarsyn on the Bell 212/412 Helicopter

If you have issues with your Tarsyn gyro installation, consider replacing the Tarsyn gyros with the proven Northrop Grumman Litef LCR100 fiber optics AHRS. Installation consists of removal of the existing rate gyro, replacement of the Tarsyn VG/DGs with two AHRS and trays, which mount into the existing Tarsyn position and wiring an additional panel annunciator. Advantages of replacing the Bell 212/412 mechanical gyros with the dual LCR-100 AHRS include Fiber Optic Attitude Heading Reference System—no moving parts; a long MTBF (mean time before failure) equals reduced maintenance and cost; the LCR100 has increased accuracy and less weight than the gyros it replaces; simplified one-time flux valve calibration—no compass rose required and it comes with a two-year warranty. The installation is simple with a kit that includes: two Tarsyn adapter trays, one rate gyro jumper/annunciator harness, one panel annunciator and a flight manual supplement. Downtime for installation is minimal. Give us a call today to discuss replacing or upgrading your Bell 212/412.

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