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Feedback October 2012

By Staff Writer | October 1, 2012

Response to Queen’s Jump from an AgustaWestland AW139 at the Olympics

Your question as to what I think of the Queen’s para jump during the Olympics opening ceremony (Rotor & Wing, September 2012, page 8) has prompted me to respond: I think it gives us all hope for the future.

If the Queen can takes such risks in this nanny state then so can we. Mind you she had been practicing using a wing suit and using cardboard boxes to soften her landing prior to her big day.


It does sadden me to think that for whatever reason a higher jump from 4,000 feet was canceled by a UK Air Show. We can but hope she will appear once again at the end of the Paralympics, just to show that it is not only James Bond that can persuade the Queen to make such a brilliant entry. We are her obedient servants.

Geoff Dinsdale

Expanding Robinson Training to East Coast?

I am sure Robinson’s training course is a great program (see “Safety from the Start,” Rotor & Wing, September 2012, page 38). The problem is that it’s only offered on the West Coast and scheduling into the course requires a commitment sometimes months in advance. Are there any plans to conduct a course on the East Coast?

Lawrence E. Davis

R&W’s Question of the Month
What more needs to be done to address accident rates in the HEMS industry? Let us know, and look for your and others’ responses in a future issue. You’ll find contact information below.

From Facebook

The following comments appeared at:

(Responding to a diagram showing circulation control for MD Helicopters’ NOTAR system.)

Wow, I did not know the tail boom shape had so much influence on flight dynamics.

Kahlil Francis

So it uses a type of spoiler with the thruster? I think a standard strake would accomplish the same effect.

Nicholas R. Seay

(Responding to a photo of the AgustaWestland AW139 used in the Olympic Games in London.)

What I thought was an incredible PR scoop by AgustaWestland was totally ignored by the Italian press and national TV broadcasting. So much for an Italian-designed, Italian-built helicopter making the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games with Queen Elizabeth on board.

Paolo Ferreri

(Responding to the question, “In your opinion, what operator has the best logo in the helicopter industry?”)

160th SOAR(A)—NSDQ!

Pat Geddes


Oli Cavanaugh

Acadian Ambulance!

S. Robert Sliger II

Helicopters of Nicaragua, “Helinica”

Martin Aguilera

LifeNet Air Methods

Aurelio Cuervo

MedFlight Great paint scheme!:)

Amanda Ball


Night Flight Concepts was mistakenly credited with hosting the Night Vision Awards at ALEA in a story on page 14 of the September issue. Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) hosted the awards.... In the May 2012 issue on page 32, the surname of contributor Elena Malova was misspelled. We sincerely regret the errors.

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