Hot Products October 2012

By Staff Writer | October 1, 2012

Solar-Powered Heliport Lighting System Supports Night Landing and Lift-Off

Avlite Systems solar-powered heliport lighting for emergency, temporary or permanent helipads and helidecks offers helicopter crews a safer place to lift-off and land during night flights or in low-visibility conditions. Meeting ICAO’s Annex 14 and CAP437 Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas recommendations, this world-first, solar-powered heliport lighting system is self-contained and easy to install. The radio-controlled solar heliport perimeter lights give over 50 hours of continuous operation at both CAP437 and ICAO Annex 14 Touchdown Lift-Off perimeter light intensities and come ready for operation straight from the box supplied with the frangible mount assembly. The solar flood light (also radio-controlled) provides uniform surface lighting across width of the helipad while the optic’s ‘hood’ prevents potential glare to pilots upon approach. Just one of Avlite’s radio controllers can control multiple solar Avlite fixtures including; heliport beacons, taxiway lights, obstruction lights, lighted windsock and other products. The radio controller supports several operational modes including 3-step intensity adjustment and switching the system between visual and IR. The solar Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC) can also be integrated with the system for remote operation of an unmanned heliport. Visit the company on the web at

High Frequency Demands Higher Quality 50 ohm MicroMATES Assemblies


MicroMATES from PIC Wire & Cable are engineered to advance microwave coaxial cable technology and serve Ku and X Band frequencies. Manufactured with minimum 200° C rating on all materials plus Inner Flat Braid or Strip Braid, High Temp Polyimide Foil, Dual Braided Shields and Silver Plated Copper throughout. Military/Defense Applications include SatCom, MUMT, and Command and Control. Two-week lead time on many assemblies. In addition to MicroMATES, the PICMATES Line of Interconnect Solutions for the Civil, Military and Parapublic/First Responder Helicopter Sectors also includes RF MATES, VideoMATES, and DataMATES. Take flight with over 40 years of proven success in recognized aerospace programs worldwide. At Pic Wire & Cable, we aim to: Improve Platform & System Performance; Lower Total Costs; and Reduce Development & Manufacturing Schedules. For all your advanced electronic applications, there’s only one PIC. For more information call 1-800-742-3191 or visit the company on the web at

HEATCON Composite Systems Provides Positive Pressure Repairs

A large number of composite repairs can be accomplished by a Hot Bonder, utilizing vacuum pressure for material compaction. However, there are many instances for which the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) stipulates that a positive pressure, typically up to 50 psi, must be used, as that created by vacuum alone is insufficient for carrying out large area repairs on major components. In such instances, up until recently the only alternative to utilizing an Autoclave was to combine vacuum with a ‘Dead Weight’, such as sandbags, in order to achieve the equivalent of the required positive pressure. As it is difficult to achieve pressure uniformity over the repair area, plus the fact that sandbags act as a huge ‘heat sink’, most repair stations without an Autoclave would either decline the job, or subcontract the repair to a facility with one. Our patented HCS3100 (Series) Portable Autoclaves are custom built semi-portable pressure vessels. They are designed to provide controlled temperature, vacuum, and pressure during composite and metal bond repair processes. The positive internal pressure applied to the repair enables operators to achieve the higher pressure when required by aircraft manufacturer repair manuals. Heat is applied only where required using specially constructed silicone rubber heat blankets. This method results in reduced operational costs and fewer problems due to temperature induced part damage. For more information, visit

Tech-Tool Plastics Provides Cabin Comfort Clear View Windows for Eurocopter AS350/355s

Thanks to Tech-Tool Plastics Cabin Comfort windows, Eurocopter AS350 AStar and AS355 TwinStar operators can enjoy clear views essential for safe flying. Tech-Tool’s wedge-style Cabin Comfort windows provide increased crew and passenger shoulder and elbow room throughout the AStar’s cabin. In addition to added visibility and comfort, Tech-Tool’s Cabin Comfort windows add a customized appearance at an affordable price. Windows are available in standard clear or custom gray tinted acrylic. Vibration-free slide camera windows are available for aerial photography. The company fills most orders within 24 hours. Tech-Tool offers standard and customized windows for the most popular models from Bell, Eurocopter, MD Helicopters, Robinson and Schweizer. Tech-Tool Plastics has manufactured and supported helicopter replacement windows for nearly 50 years. Tech-Tool’s affordable, high-quality windows are FAA, EASA, ANAC and Transport Canada approved. They meet or exceed OEM standards, are easy to install, and fit every time. For more information, please visit

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