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First Ka-62 Exports Heading for Brazil

By By Andrew Drwiega, Military Editor | December 19, 2012

Brazilian company Atlas Táxi Aéreo has ordered seven Russian-made multirole Ka-62 helicopters (with an option for a further seven). The contract was discussed and agreed when Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff visited Russia and met President Vladimir Putin in early December. This is the first export order for the new Ka-62.

Graphic illustration of the Ka-62 in Atlas livery. Image courtesy of Russian Helicopters

The order will be spread over 12 months beginning in first quarter 2015 when the first two will be delivered. Two more are scheduled for handover before the end of the year with the final helicopter arriving in Brazil by the end of first quarter 2016.


The Ka-62 is one of the latest helicopters to come out of Russian Helicopters’ design agency. Testing should begin in 2013 with international certification expected by the time the first aircraft arrives in Brazil. According to Russian Helicopters, the deal includes the establishment of a local service center in Brazil.

Atlas Táxi Aéreo currently operates five Sikorsky S-76As for offshore and executive transport roles, as well as two Mi-171A1 helicopters transport and onshore cargo operations.

The Russian Navy has also declared an interest in the Kamov Ka-62 and is said to be preparing a maritime version of the helicopter.
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