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Cassidian System to Protect Aircraft Against Laser Threats

By Staff Writer | December 20, 2012

EADS division Cassidian has introduced an electronic defense countermeasures system designed to deflect laser-guided weapons for helicopters, other aircraft, ground-based vehicles and ships. Elmar Compans, head of Cassidian’s Sensors & Electronic Warfare unit, notes that the threat from weapons such as laser-guided missiles and sniper rifles is “widespread.” The concept is based on something known as the “dazzling” process, which Cassidian developed with Germany’s Luftwaffe Institute of Aviation Medicine.

(Graphic courtesy of Cassidian)

The system sends an eye-safe laser beam back at the targeting source so that “the marksman can no longer track the target due to the dazzling beam,” or in the case of a laser-guided missile, it “no longer receives any targeting information and shoots past the target,” according to Cassidian. The Laser Dazzler also incorporates multispectral technology, which is effective when the hostile is wearing protective goggles.
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