Sensor Technology Upgrades Load Monitor/Management Systems

By Staff Writer | February 28, 2013

Oxfordshire, England-based Sensor Technology Ltd. (Booth C2432) is bringing a number of new helicopter load systems for introduction at Heli-Expo 2013. Visitors to its booth will also be able to see products from its established lineup of cargo devices. Leading the list of new products is the HeliNav LoadMaster, a wireless payload monitor for helicopter cargo hooks. As an autonomous system that does not require integration into the aircraft, LoadMaster can be easily transferred between different helicopters without the need for separate certifications.

According to its engineers, LoadMaster checks the actual weight of an under-slung load 10 times per second, and transmits the gathered data to a display in the cockpit. The software also stores the information for use in performance analysis and customer billing. New features include an inclinometer function that allows each support cable in a multi-point attached heavy load to be monitored individually, and displayed on a new, enhanced, seven-inch color touchscreen display.

The LoadMaster system will interface with HeliNav Trackmaster, another new technology that will provide distance and weight information for later flight analysis and customer billing. TrackMaster gives the flight crew an accurate system for line guidance. For example, when spraying crops in an irregularly shaped field with a stream, buildings and any feature that should not be treated, its GPS-assisted guidance system can cycle the application of chemical on and off only where desired. This results in both time and chemical savings per mission.
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