Feedback: March 2013

By Staff Writer | March 1, 2013

Close to Home

I wanted to thank Ernie Stephens for his well-written article on the two Atlanta Police Officers that were killed while doing their job (see “Officers Halford and Smiley: Men of Honor,” February 2013, page 48). It was very close to home for me because I was part of that unit for 27 years and had worked with Officer Halford at different times. I was a pilot and part of keeping the helicopters maintained. Thank you again for your kind words.

Robert Birky


Buchanan Ga.

 R&W’s Question of the Month
What does 2013 hold for the civil helicopter industry? What are your predictions for 2014 and beyond?


OH-6 Platform

After reading the letter from Mr. Hastings in the February Feedback column (see “Fair and Balanced?” on page 8), one has to ask themselves this important question: If the OH-58 is all that why does the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) use the OH-6 platform?

Does the 160th not have one of the most demanding missions?

The reason is clear, the OH-6 does the job better across the board, always has and always will.

The sad part is the message that it sends to other Army aviators flying in the BIG ARMY, i.e., you don’t get the best, only the 160th does. I was a scout pilot in Vietnam who flew the OH-6 and remember the OH-58 coming online. We had a saying about the OH-58 that went like this: Oh it’s 58! Shaking your head!

Clyde Romero

Marietta, Ga.


From Social Media

Response on Facebook (facebook.com/rotorandwing) to the question, “What is you favorite movie or TV scene involving a helicopter?”

TV scene: I just have to say The News—watching my husband fly the Elvis Skycrane on the Black Christmas fires, Sydney 2001. Favorite movie scene: “Terminator 2,” when the T-1000 commandeers the helicopter and orders the pilot to “Get out!”

Kirsten White

There was a TV movie with David Jansen called “Birds of Prey” that was a helicopter duel. I think Jansen played a TV News chopper pilot...

Ron Thomas

Apocalypse Now, en las primeras tomas. El sonido de las hélices... es impactante! (in the opening scene, the sound of propellors... is shocking!)

Ernestina Mo

AgustaWestland AW101, James Bond in “Skyfall.”

l.c. waters

Airwolf—Bell 222! Blackhawk Down—Lots of MH-6/MH-60 action. The A-Team movie—Scene with the V-22, also the opening getaway with the Huey & sporadic ARH-70 demo bird spotting. Die Hard 1—The final with the gunship Hueys. Die Hard 4—John McClain taking out the A-Star with a cop car.

Mission Impossible 2—Lots of BK117 action. Burn Notice—Season 3, where the EC130 turns into an A-Star for the landing at the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Helistop. That’s all I can think of off-hand.

S. Robert Sliger II

“Swordfish” and “Independence Day”....... SkyCrane cameos!!!

Brian T White

It wasn’t a movie, but I watched a video of a helo pilot pop the top off a beer bottle with an old school bottle opener taped to his front skid (on Youtube).

Lee Waller

1982 TV movie starring Larry Hagman called “Deadly Encounter” and the scene of a Hughes 500 inside a hangar while kicking a can with its skids. Lots of great helicopter action in that movie!

Donald Heegel

This is a tough one. So much to choose from. Honorable mention: The “Bridges at Toko-Ri” where Mickey Rooney played a Navy chief piloting a Siskorsky H-5 doing plane guard and SAR duty from a carrier during the Korean war. Also, the rescue scene from “BAT 21” when Gene Hackman played a downed Air force aircrewman in Vietnam.

Jeff Huffman


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