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AHS Forum 69 Converges on Technology in Demanding Environments

By Staff Writer | May 24, 2013

Hundreds of rotorcraft engineers met in Phoenix this week for the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International’s Forum 69. Displays from AgustaWestland, Bell, Boeing, Eurocopter, Lockheed Martin, MD Helicopters and Sikorsky anchored a show floor that also featured a number of exhibits from companies such as AVX Aircraft, Advanced Turbine Engine Company, Applied Composites Engineering, Continuum Dynamics, Teletronics Technology and others.


Forum attendees at the Boeing display. Photos by Andrew Parker


Following an introduction by current AHS Chairman Steve Mundt, vice president of business development for EADS North America, attendees had a chance to ask leaders from various OEMs about their take on vertical lift technology with a CEO panel moderated by Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief for Rotor & Wing. The panel consisted of James Wang, vice president of research and technology for AgustaWestland; Bell President and CEO John Garrison (who will take over as AHS chairman on July 1); Leanne Caret, vice president of vertical lift for Boeing Military Aircraft; Eurocopter’s Yves Favennec, vice president of research and innovation; Dan Schultz, vice president of ship and aviation systems for Lockheed Martin; and Sikorsky President Mick Maurer. (Look for more about the panel discussion next week at



AVX Aircraft model for Future Vertical Lift (FVL) medium variant.
U.S. Army PEO Aviation Maj. Gen. Tim Crosby also gave a presentation at AHS along with Army leaders who spoke via video link. Rear Admiral Paul Grosklags led a briefing on the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aviation programs. Another highlight of the event was a special session of the Human Powered Helicopter competition, with three of the leading contenders for the Sikorsky prize in attendance, from the University of Maryland, California Polytechnic State University and AeroVelo.
Other technical sessions included panels on helicopter noise, technology needs for civil operations, suppliers and subsystems, materials, testing and evaluation, avionics systems, safety, and the effects of rotor blade control on vibration, performance and noise.
Look for more in-depth stories from AHS Forum 69 at in the coming weeks and in a special “R&D Report” supplement in the July 2013 print edition of the magazine.
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