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Donaldson Filters Offer Salt-Free Diet for Various Applications

By Staff Writer | September 24, 2013

Visit Stand L41 to discover how Donaldson Aerospace & Defense’s Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) systems keep corrosive salt away from your engines. Salt-laden environments degrade a turboshaft engine’s performance, raise maintenance costs and impair helicopter capabilities. Ingested salt combines with the sulfur by-product of the combustion process and turbine heat to corrode blades and other components, and increase exhaust gas temperatures. This can hamper missions that feature low-flying and hover maneuvers over open ocean, coastal regions and inshore regions – from firefighting, offshore transport and search and rescue (SAR) to anti-submarine and port-security patrols. Subsequent engine washing needs to be aggressive and maintenance and overhaul costs climb. Recent testing demonstrated that Donaldson filters are highly effective at stopping salt particles at the surface and at protecting the healthy performance of your engines. With a 4,500-hour life, they are available factory-direct or by retrofit to a wide range of helicopters.



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