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Rotorsim AW189 Trainer Begins Operations in Italy

By Staff Writer | September 24, 2013

An AW189 flight training device (FTD) has entered serviced at AgustaWestland’s Marchetti Training Academy in Sesto Calende, Italy. AgustaWestland and CAE joint venture Rotorsim will operate the FTD. An EASA/ENAC team qualified the device to FTD Level 2, according to EASA’s CS-FSTD(H). The Sesto Calende facility will eventually include up to nine full flight simulators (FFS) and five FTDs. AgustaWestland reports that the order book for the AW189 is above 80 units through late September.

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AW189 flight training device. Photo courtesy of AgustaWestland



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