Presagis Upgrades M&S Software with Suite 13

By Staff Writer | October 1, 2013

Montreal-based Presagis has introduced the latest update of its software portfolio, Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Suite 13. The new version includes “hundreds of enhancements” to help with training, operations and simulation analysis. Among the features of M&S Suite 13 are the Creator 3D modeling program, Terra Vista terrain generation database, STAGE to create various scenarios, and Vega Prime, which is a visualization program that supports distributed interactive simulation (DIS) and high-level architecture (HLA) communication protocols.

According to Presagis, Creator allows the creation of 3D helicopter models. A content gallery is the starting point where users choose from a number of "highly detailed" models (for example, helicopters, jets, buildings, etc.) that are "optimized for simulation." Terra Vista is a terrain modeling software tool that helps developers generate correlated databases, including the New Project Wizard as part of Terra Vista 13. With STAGE and HeliSIM, interactive helicopter training scenarios can be generated along with a methodology for building, calibrating and testing helicopter models for use in simulators, the company says. A total of 50 new civil and military platforms are available in the latest version. Vega Prime is a toolkit that "enables developers to bring their helicopter simulations to life," Presagis notes, using realistic renderings of environmental and other specific scenarios, weather states and rotor effects.

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