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SKT Introduces Skyrider 06 Trainer at Dubai

By By Douglas Nelms | November 27, 2013

Swiss Kopter Technology (SKT) displayed its new Skyrider 06 at this year’s Dubai Airshow. The light, two-person sport helicopter had its first flight last year, and the company has now sold three aircraft, according to Aldo Dinelli, SKT marketing manager.


SKT Skyrider 06 at the Dubai Airshow. Photo by Douglas Nelms


He said that the original 130 hp engine has now been replaced by a more powerful 150 hp engine, going from a 2.2-liter engine to 2.5 liters, giving the aircraft a 100-knot maximum Vne air speed and 80-knot cruise speed. Maximum gross weight is 650 lbs. Maximum altitude is 10,000 feet, with HIGE at 7,000 feet and HOGE at 2,000 feet.


Cost of the new SKT helicopter is £150,000 ($202,929).

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