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Year in Review: Products

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2013

Max-Viz EVS System Available from Astronics

An Astronics Max-Viz EVS system can increase safety and mission success in both rotary and fixed-wing EMS fleets for approximately half the cost of night vision goggles (NVGs) with no need for costly flight deck lighting modifications and hours of expensive initial and recurrent flight crew training and currency.

Max-Viz EVS can give your pilots and aircraft capability no night vision goggles can. Unlike NVGs, Max-Viz allows your flight crew to see through smoke, haze and light fog. Day or Night. They can accurately see terrain, tree lines, landmarks, landing zones and obstructions. Situational awareness and spatial orientation are improved dramatically. Stress and fatigue are reduced. And the ability to more effectively discriminate between MVFR and IFR conditions can minimize or even eliminate the chances of IIMC.


Max-Viz is certified on 16 different helicopters and over 200 fixed-wing aircraft. Let us show you how we can help with collaborative STC development and special needs for aircraft installations not currently available. Interested in preserving your assets? See Max-Viz in action. For more information, visit

AERO Specialties Offers JetGo GPUs

AERO Specialties JetGo line of 28.5V DC diesel hybrid aircraft ground power units (GPU) provide impressive continuous and peak power in addition to offering advanced aircraft protection systems. The compact size and light weight make our JetGo ground power unit a nimble unit that is easily maneuvered, whether it’s across the ramp or around the globe. These GPUs provide a sophisticated ground power solution for aircraft engine starts and avionics maintenance, as well as electrical, air and environmental systems support.

JetGo GPUs have been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand in the aviation industry for a quieter, environmental friendly, yet powerful ground power unit. Its brilliant design, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, has set a new standard for 28V DC ground power units. Its amazingly compact size, peak power, aircraft protection features, operator safety and ease of use have truly made this a unique and venerable unit. Already a popular unit with military installations, FBOs, MROs and regional airlines; these ground power units have also become a hit with rotorcraft operators and flight departments who appreciate the self-sufficient operation and simple controls! For more information, visit Aero Specialties on the web at

Aspen Avionics Evolution 1500H and NVG Modifications from Aero Dynamix

Aero Dynamix, Inc. is the industry leader and principle innovator of integrated Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) solutions for commercial and military aircraft. ADI is a full line distributor and certified repair station for Aspen Avionics and offers internal NVG instrument modifications for Aspen products that do not compromise on the Aspen factory warranty. Featured here is the Evolution 1500H Package, which combines the powerful, award-winning Pro PFD 1000H with the versatile MFD 500H to deliver a full-featured, exceptionally easy-to-use glass panel. The Pro PFD 1000H provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, with a full-featured electronic HSI with moving map. The MFD 500H adds photo-quality moving maps, terrain awareness, geo-referenced charts and airport diagrams, and (with optional or existing sensors) traffic displays, WX500 Stormscope display, and the full suite of XM WX aviation weather products.

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has also approved Aero Dynamix, Inc. for addition to the qualified products list (QPL) for MIL-DTL-7788 integrally illuminated panels. Aero Dynamix’s proprietary, in-house panel design and production capabilities include: state-of-the-art illumination design and testing technologies essential for effective light balancing of each illuminated panel produced; laser-etching capabilities for each illuminated panel to guarantee superior text clarity and legibility in all lighting conditions; and a robotic paint facility to ensure consistency of paint application. Aero Dynamix’s business philosophy stresses timely, professional response to customer requests using a system of defined processes that ensure a finished panel meets or exceeds customer requirements. Aero Dynamix is the industry leader and principle innovator of integrated Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) solutions for commercial and military aircraft. Aero Dynamix has a wide array of optional equipment with the best solutions and exceptional customer support for all your Night Vision requirements. Let Aero Dynamix be your one-stop-shop for night vision and integrally illuminated panel solutions. Contact Aero Dynamix today at for more information or to request a quote, or visit

HeliSAS Autopilot for Bell 206 and Bell 407 Available Through Aeronautical Accessories

Aeronautical Accessories’ new 2013 Product Catalog features the Cobham HeliSAS autopilot for Bell 206 and Bell 407 models. The two-axis attitude hold/attitude command flight control system significantly reduces pilot workload and allows pilots to perform many cockpit functions hands-free. HeliSAS’ Stability Augmentation System (SAS) enhances flight stability by providing precise control during all modes of flight, regardless of wind conditions or aircraft center of gravity.

The system has been approved for use in China by the Civilian Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Brazil by the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), and in Europe by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Validations are in work for Canada and Russia with approvals expected 3rd quarter 2013.

With more than 100 systems installed in the United States, Australia, and South America, the HeliSAS Autopilot has been well received. Aeronautical Accessories highlights the HeliSAS Autopilot as a key product offering to enhance safety and mission capabilities. The system is available in stock and ready for shipment.

For more information on the HeliSAS Autopilot Kit, please visit Aeronautical Accessories online at or call 1-800-251-7094 to speak with an Aeronautical Accessories representative.

DMA Aero MPS43 Air Data Test Set (ADTS)

DAC International is proud to showcase the DMA Aero MPS43 Air Data Test Set (ADTS). The MPS43 is a low-cost, lightweight (8.8 lbs.), portable, high accuracy fully automatic test set. This makes the unit perfect for helicopter operators utilizing today’s newer avionics. The unit comes standard with a 30-minute backup battery and ADWIN PC control software so the operator is able to use and capture data on a laptop if desired. The MPS43 has ultra low speed (5 to 200 KNTS) for improved accuracy and stability. Options include a Gray Code Altitude Device read out and an external six-hour battery pack for off airport operation.

• Lightweight and portable

• High accuracy for today’s new avionics

• Automatic operation

• Encoder option available

• 30-minute back up battery

• Operational battery pack available

• Low price

For more information on this product, please contact DAC International at or call 1-512-331-5323. Visit DAC International on the Web at

TruLink ICS Now for Frontline to Flightline

Telephonics’ TruLink Wireless Voice Communication System with its range of 2,500 feet is the most versatile wireless intercom in the world today. TruLink is ideal for pilots and crew members for most helicopter applications. Medevac, Aeromedical, Search and Rescue, Police, Fire and First Responders all use TruLink today. Telephonics’ TruLink Portable Transceiver (TPT) allows crew members to easily communicate with each other while completely hands-free in the most critical of situations, increasing operational safety for crew members and patients.

The TruLink Submersible Portable Transceiver (SPT) allows for work to be completed in and around water while freeing hands and removing dependence on traditional hand signals, whistles, or wands. The Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature facilitates clear and effortless communication even under rotor-wash conditions. The TPT and SPT offer full-duplex, hands-free and Voice Activated (VOX) communication, 31 users per channel, with 6 simultaneous speakers, and 50 channels of operation. No other communication system combines these features to support and enhance crew mission capability. For more information or to request a quote, please contact Transaero Inc. at or visit us at

Sandel Avionics HeliTAWS Certified Wire and Terrain Avoidance For Military Operations

Sandel Avionics, the world leader in helicopter terrain awareness and warning systems, is proud to announce the latest in helicopter TAWS upgrades—Sandel HeliTAWS ST3453H. Designed for broad military platform applicability, HeliTAWS ST3453H is the only multi-hazard avoidance system available for military helicopters. The self-contained Sandel HeliTAWS ST3453H is built with MIL-STD 3009 NVIS, MIL-STD 1553B bus interface and MIL-STD 810G compatibility. Its TruAlert technology eliminates nuisance alerts and ensures accuracy at all operational altitudes. Chosen by Sikorsky for the next-generation S70i Black Hawk, Sandel HeliTAWS has 180-degree vertical and lateral viewing with an integrated 3D terrain display, which provides a straightforward replacement for existing RadAlt indicators, saving on installation time and cost. See what’s next—Sandel HeliTAWS. For more information visit

Next Gen 406MHz Automatic Activation PLB from Techtest

Continuing in the success of the Techtest Ltd. PLBs following Beacon selection for another current high profile aircraft program, the 500-30 Series are rapidly becoming the “go to” solution for 406MHz automatic ejection capable Personal Locator Beacons.

From the moment of activation upon ejection the Dual frequency 500-30 transmits 406Mhz with embedded GPS providing positional accuracy to better than 100 meters combined with the ability to home to location.

With a proven universal interface for automatic activation provided through an ACES II ejection seat remote activation cable assembly and new technology lanyard suitable for BA22 Parachute Pack or similar, Ejection seat installation, Personal Survival pack or Life Vest integration the unit provides unrivalled flexibility together with a plug and play upgrade replacement for the URT33 or similar beacons.

The 500-30 Series provides aircrew with the peace of mind that comes from the established reliability of Techtest Ltd Personal Locator Beacons. Visit HR Smith/Techtest on the web at

Transaero Inc. – Your Source for Generation III Night Vision Goggles

Transaero Inc. is pleased to announce its expanded international distribution partnership with Exelis Inc. Through this agreement, Transaero will now to inventory, market and sell Exelis’ F4949 Aviator Night Vision Imaging System throughout the United States and to select international markets. With exceptional reliability, the Exelis F4949 Night Vision Goggles/Image Intensifier System helps ensure a safer, more secure world. The F4949 system, known as the AN/AVS-9(V) by the U.S. Government, features Generation III tube performance offering high resolution, high gain and photo response to near infrared. A low-profile battery pack improves aviator head mobility and increases battery life. Exelis’ F4949 series is available in over 40 different configurations and helmet mounts can be included for fixed or rotary-wing. For more information, please contact Transaero at or visit us at Transaero has the F4949 in stock and available for immediate delivery. Transaero has been recognized as a leading technical sales, marketing and distribution company of engineered products to airline, life support and military markets worldwide.


Hoffman Paradigm Series LED Landing Lights: Drop-In Replacement for Quartz Halogen Lamps

Compatible with commercial, civil, law enforcement, aero-medical and military aircraft, Paradigm Series LED Landing Lights from Hoffman Performance Lighting are ruggedized, drop-in replacements for existing quartz halogen lamps. Hoffman’s PAR64 and PAR46 are fully qualified to RTCA DO160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, and other requirements for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.

Paradigm lights are rated for more than 50,000 hours and maintain the initial candela output over their entire service life. Innovative control electronics and LED technology eliminate the abbreviated service life and premature failure of incandescent lights from exposure to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and weather.

Paradigm lights feature three independent LED light sources, providing triple redundant reliability. Higher color temperature light output and superior brightness improve visual acuity and aircraft visibility. Unlike filament-based lighting LEDs will not cause structural damage from thermal radiation. Paradigm lights consume less power than other LED lighting solutions by using parabolic reflection to form the beam pattern. Hoffman’s parabolic technology provides peak efficiency while minimizing losses due to heat and optical transmission losses compared to other LED solutions that use discrete optics and/or optical clusters. Read more at

From The Cockpit To Your iPad

Many developers are writing apps that can use aircraft position, weather info, and/or discretes from the aircraft. Applications for weight and balance information, OOOI reports, data recording and reporting, and many other Apps that can be developed and tailored for the user.

DAC International’s GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) GDC64 is specifically designed as an aircraft interface device to feed aircraft data to an iPad or any tablet without additional costly Wi-Fi devices. This unique interface product routes live data from aircraft sensors and systems to tablets enabling a wide range of incremental functionality for the flight crew. You simply plug your iPad or tablet into connectors conveniently located in the cockpit to get data and power to keep tablets fully charged during flight.

With this product in the cockpit, operators will be able to fully leverage the benefits of using today’s Apps as well as future ones being developed to reduce cockpit workload and increase crew information and awareness. To find out more, contact DAC International by phone at 1-512-331-5323 or visit the company on the web at

HEATCON Composite Systems Provides Positive Pressure Repairs

The RepairClave is a pressure vessel, but instead of heating the total volume in order to achieve the cure temperature, localized heat is applied by the same silicone rubber heater blanket that is used in the Hot Bonder repair. Two independent 30amp zones are provided so that more than one repair can be carried out at the same time, or the power supply to the two zones can be combined to carry out a much larger repair.

The biggest advantage of using heater blankets to provide localized heat is that the total volume inside the pressure vessel does not need to be heated to the cure temperature and therefore the operational costs, as compared to that of a gas, electric, oil or steam operated Autoclave are minimal. Another cost saving is that compressed air can be used as the pressure media, as the use of heater blankets allow the internal air temperature to be kept well below that of the cure. Both helicopter operators and a major manufacturer have been quick to see the advantages of such a system for both replacing the nickel leading edge guard which helps protect the blade from impact damage and for repairing the actual blade structure, where more pressure than can be achieved by vacuum alone, is called for in the repair manual and the traditional method of using pressure ‘bladders’ is far from being perfect. For more information, call 1-206-575-1333 or visit HEATCON’s website at

CLEANO Eliminates Rotorwash Dirt & Grime… Just Spray & Wipe!

CLEANO is a new, non-hazardous, biodegradable super concentrated cleaner that will not harm the environment. CLEANO is a VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) cleaner that can work on virtually any surface and remove stains from mold, mildew, and bacteria …it literally melts grime, dirt and grease from metallic, ceramic, chrome and acrylic surfaces. Just spray & wipe!

CLEANO was developed to replace toxic chemical cleaners across the cleaning spectrum. Gentle enough to use as a laundry detergent, yet powerful enough to remove oil and grease stains on virtually any surface, CLEANO™ is the truly green option for keeping your flight equipment shining and new.

Certified by Green America, CLEANO delivers a powerful alternative for all your maintenance needs. Dilution ratios are online for virtually any application. Just 1 oz. of a 3:1 dilution of CLEANO in a gallon of water makes a great window cleaner and windscreen bug juice melts away… will NOT harm plexiglass. Go to and check out our YouTube clips of Northwest Helicopters doing actual field cleaning of their equipment and many other applications. Visit on the web.




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