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EC225e Takes Aim at Extended-Range Offshore Operations

By Staff Writer | February 26, 2014

The new EC225e version of Airbus Helicopters’ workhorse Super Puma product line was formally launched Tuesday, offering an enhanced rotorcraft that responds to operators’ requirements for extended-range missions – particularly in support of deep-water oil and gas airlift missions.

Details on the EC225e were outlined at Heli-Expo 2014, along with the first orders. Features of the twin-engine EC225e include more payload, an additional fuel tank, a new cabin layout and new avionics. 

Certification of the EC225e is targeted for late 2015, followed by the start of deliveries in mid-2016.


Turbomeca Makila 2B turboshaft engines on the EC225e will provide enhanced performance and a range-of-action extended to 300 nautical miles with 10 passengers. These powerplants incorporate a new combustion chamber and blades in the high-pressure turbine, enabling the EC225e to take off at its maximum all-up weight in CAT A conditions.

In the EC225e’s cockpit, the equipment lineup includes a Euronav7 moving map system, automatic identification system (AIS), TCAS2 collision avoidance system, and flight management system. Among the helicopter’s enhanced operational capabilities will be the capability to perform automatic GPS (global positioning system) approaches to oil rigs or airfields that are not equipped with radio navigation means.

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