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Airbus Helicopters Recognizes Airborne Law Enforcement Operators

By By Frank Lombardi | February 27, 2014

Marc Paganini, President and CEO of Airbus Helicopters in the U.S., spoke briefly at a luncheon held for their airborne law enforcement customers on February 26. Paganini acknowledged the company’s name change and noted that the law enforcement community continues to be a large contributor to their success and growth that is symbolic in the rebranding.

Ed Van Winkle, airborne law enforcement sales manager for Airbus Helicopters, went on to say that the name change represents “a new step and a new era in the company’s evolution. The Airbus rebranding defines a new standard, challenges innovation, and focuses on support and services.”

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. maintains a 55 percent share of helicopter sales to the U.S. law enforcement sector, supplying more than 50 law enforcement agencies from coast-to-coast.


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