All Metal’s New Facility Leaves Room for Expansion

By   By Frank Lombardi | February 27, 2014

All Metal Maintenance Stands has finalized moving into a new 40,000-square-foot facility in Las Vegas, Nev. The move took place in January 2014, and the company has been 100 percent operational there since February 1. The new facility will be a key element in the company’s goal to enhance service and the “customer experience” when purchasing custom maintenance stands.

President and CEO Johnny Buscema explained that the design and manufacturing of custom products requires proper forethought in both engineering and fabricating, to speed the manufacturing process and eliminate error. It became clear that their old building was much like a “mom and pop shop,” and was not functionally laid out properly for the growing business. The move into the new facility currently only occupies 25,000 of the 40,000 square feet available, allowing plenty of room for future expansion.

Buscema noted that with the increased space, some of the outside services, such as powdercoating, were brought in-house. The company’s vision as they begin 2014 is to slow down on marketing and focus funds and efforts on improving customer service, while at the same time keeping costs to operators low.


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