Bell Takes LORD’s Name for 525 Vibration Controls

By Staff Writer | February 27, 2014

LORD Corporation has formalized an agreement with Bell Helicopter to provide an active vibration control system (AVCS) for the Bell 525 Relentless program.

LORD will qualify its AVCS system design and manufacture the AVCS system for the new aircraft. The technology operates through the use of accelerometers that measure aircraft vibration levels. Signals are sent to a centralized computer that runs a software algorithm that interprets the data and sends commands to force generators located throughout the aircraft. These force generators create “anti-vibration” that stops the progression of vibration due to the main rotor.

Bell Helicopter selected LORD as the active vibration control supplier on the 525 Relentless in late 2012. Bell Helicopter is targeting 2014 for the first flight of the 525 Relentless.


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