Bell Receives STC Approval for 412EPI Accessories

By Staff Writer | March 11, 2014

Bell Helicopter has received FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for three new accessory options for the Bell 412EPI including a cockpit voice flight data recorder (CV/FDR), Bell Helicopter Vibration Monitoring (BHVM) system and helicopter terrain awareness system (HTAWS). All three Bell 412EPI STC-approved products are all available through the Aeronautical Accessories brand. The CV/FDR is an “on-condition” line-replaceable unit that records both cockpit voice and flight data. The CV/FDR is capable of recording a minimum of 25 hours of flight data and two hours of audio. Flight data is recorded in flash memory and segregated from the cockpit voice data and may be downloaded to ground station equipment in approximately five minutes. The new BHVM kit for the Bell 412EPI provides comprehensive airframe, rotor, engine and drive system vibration monitoring capability. Additionally, the system provides quick access aircraft data recording capability to support customer flight data monitoring (FDM) programs. The system is compatible with the new Bell 412EPI integrated avionics system.

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