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North FDS Recorder Receives STC for Airbus, Bell Platforms

By Staff Writer | June 25, 2014

Bell Helicopter’s Aeronautical Accessories brand is now supplying North Flight Data Systems’ voice, video and flight data recorders. The system allows Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operators to meet requirements of the omnibus helicopter safety rule issued by FAA earlier this year.

FAA has granted a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the North Flight system on the Bell 407 and 407GX, as well as Airbus Helicopters EC135, AS350 B3 and EC130 variants. The system includes a cockpit voice/video recorder (CV2R), quick access recorder (QAR), video camera, microphone, flight data recorder and Flight Analysis Safety Trend and Reporting System (FASTARS) software. This software application has the ability to download, display and perform Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA) analysis.


North Flight's CV2R and cockpit camera. Photos courtesy North Flight Data Systems


The full suite of North FDS components includes a continuous recording loop featuring one video and six audio input sources through the CV2R while the QAR provides a 16 GB SD card that can be removed for instant replay of audio and video. The video recorder’s camera assembly offers a variable focal lens and an auto iris to allow consistent recording in either bright sunlight or dark NVG cockpit conditions.

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