Breeze Eastern Locates New Development Center in Virginia

By By Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief | August 20, 2014

Hoist and winch company Breeze Eastern has announced that it will establish an Innovation and New Product Development Center in Fredericksburg, Va.

The center will be managed by Brad Repp, the newly appointed vice president of product development. Repp recently served as the chief technology officer for HDT Global and his familiarity with the engineering and business community in Virginia was one of the reasons behind the decision to locate the center there, rather than with the main company in New Jersey. The proximity of a skilled workforce in the area was also taken into consideration.

Breeze Easter recently revealed its MissionView Situational Awareness System. Sensors gather and record data which can then be reviewed on a tablet type computer or iPad. Information stored that can be accessed will include cable load, hook height above the ground, aircraft AGL altitude and other information which can be viewed over a day/night video picture. The system works in tandem with an enhanced hook, which will now include LED lights to assist crew in night hoist operations.


After its launch at the beginning of the year and company is now analyzing input from customer feedback gained at the Farnborough airshow in the United Kingdom where it was on show, as well as from a customer demonstration tour. This work will be carried out at the new development center. 

However the Whippany engineering unit will still retain engineering, testing, qualification field and production support of legacy products and ongoing development, headed by Rodger Hahneman, general manager of Production Operations and Customer Support.

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