Paul Bisonnette Uses Robinson R44 in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By By Sean Mullaney | September 5, 2014

Helicopters are a serious business; lives are often at stake in one way or another. Usually the lives at risk are those of the flight crew or a critically injured individual that the aircrew has been dispatched to save. Today however, the focus is on ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. As the viral firestorm has raged we’ve seen all people from all walks of life participate. Athletes, celebrities, even whole communities, but there is another group I’d like to remind you of, CEOs. The likes of Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Tim Cook all took part. And though Silicon Valley folks might have a different make up than those of us in the helicopter business it reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. 

I come to my point, even if you haven’t seen any of the #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE videos; you are required to watch this one at the very least because professional hockey player Paul Bisonnette upped the ante by including a Robinson R44. So I invite you to donate for a good cause at and maybe even challenge that guy from that other company that totally had a better hotel room than you at AAAA, ALEA, AMTC, NBAA, or one of those other acronym conferences.

Watch the video


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