ABS StartStick Receives Certification

By Staff Writer | November 6, 2014

The StartStick weighs less than 15 lbs., but can crank a variety of single- and
twin-engine helicopter models. Photo courtesy ABS

Aviation Battery Systems’ StartStick is an external start battery capable of cranking a wide range of helicopters. And at 10 lbs. for the standard unit and 13 lbs. for the StartStick Fleet, the weight and size make it small enough to be stowed under the seat of the smallest helicopter, while offering the peace of mind of knowing the aircraft can be started when its own battery is low, or a lengthy, hot day startup sequence is required while away from the hangar.

Using the StartStick is simple. Simply plug the unit itself directly into the helicopter’s external power jack, turn it on, verify that its status screen shows no faults, and start the engines according to the aircraft manufacturer’s external power start-up procedures. Once the engines are running, turn StartStick off, unplug it and stow it.


“The (Airbus AS350) B3e is the hardest aircraft to start,” StartStick’s Scott Urschel told Rotor & Wing at NBAA 2013. “It takes about 550 peak amps but I can start it about three times.”

StartStick’s lithium-ion battery is fully protected. It has a full microprocessor that will shut it off within 1/100th of a millisecond of detecting a short circuit. It can be recharged using a detachable power cable that can be plugged into a 110-VAC outlet or any 28-DCV power supply source.

The 9-ah standard model StartStick works on the Robinson R66; the Bell OH-58, 206B and 206L; the MD 500, 520 and 530; the Airbus AS350 family and EC130-T2. It sells for $3,995.00 USD. The 14-ah StartStick Fleet will crank the same aircraft as the base model, plus the Airbus EC130, EC135; and the Sikorsky S-76 A++, S-76C, S-76C+ and S-76C++. StartStick Fleet lists for $4,495.00 USD.


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