Russian Helicopters Saves $1.5 Million With Lean Technology

By Staff Writer | November 7, 2014

Russian Helicopters has reported savings of $1.5 million resulting from its implementation of lean technology across its rotorcraft production operations in 2013. The manufacturer describes lean technology as a "strategy that minimizes the volume of energy and material losses in the production process."
Photo: Russian Helicopters.
The company has introduced lean projects across virtually all of its enterprises. At Rostervol, the lean technology group has implemented several projects since 2011, including the 5S approach to organizing the workplace, the SMED system for reducing time taken in equipment changeovers, the Kanban scheduling system for production and procurement, and implementing the TPM approach to maintaining and improving equipment that involves identifying flaws early. Last year, the direct economic impact of reduce material and labor input in production and increased energy efficiency at Rostervol was more than $257,000.
"Overall, in 2013 alone, over 800 new pieces of equipment were installed across Russian Helicopters enterprises. Russian Helicopters must achieve an energy saving of 40 percent on 2010 levels by 2020 by implementing lean technology projects and energy saving initiatives," Russian Helicopters said in a statement. 

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