Starspeed Director Receives British Helicopter Industry Award

By Staff Writer | November 19, 2014

The British Helicopter Association has awarded Starspeed Director Simon Mitchell its Eric Brown Award. The award is given to the individual considered to have made the most significant contribution to the British helicopter industry during the past year. It is named after Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown CBE, DSC, AFC, MA, FRAeS, RN (Ret’d), a former Royal Navy test pilot and the Fleet Air Arm’s most decorated pilot.
Starspeed is currently the largest helicopter management, charter and training company in Europe. The company operates 15 aircraft and is one of the oldest privately owned firms within the onshore market. As well as running advanced pilot training, Starspeed is in the process of developing specialist courses that focus upon safety within increasingly automated cockpits and for deck landing on superyachts.
Simon Mitchell receives British Helicopter Association's award. Photo: British Helicopter Association.

“Eric Brown is one of the most remarkable pilots, the things he has experienced throughout his life, his achievements and contribution to this country are humbling; let alone his record of having completed 2407 flight deck landings, one of the most difficult things a pilot can do," said Simon. “I am unbelievably proud to have been presented with this award.”

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