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Airbus Helicopters Delivers Airframes to Spain, Launches Open Innovation Program

By Staff Writer | December 22, 2014

Airbus Helicopters has finished delivering three airframes to the Spanish Army Airmobile Force (FAMET): the first NH90 GSPA tactical transport helicopter, and two new Tiger HAD-E combat helicopters. All three airframes were assembled in the Spanish plant in Albacete, and are supported by an Industrial Participation Plan that fully involves the Spanish industry, headed by Airbus Helicopters Espana, in the entire life cycle of these helicopters.

Photo by Luis Vizcaino, courtesy Airbus Helicopters

The Spanish version of the NH90, the GSPA, is designed to perform various technical missions, and is equipped for day and night operations in all types of environments. Airbus Helicopters Espana will deliver a total of 22 NH90 helicopters to the Spanish Armed Forces between now and 2021.


The new HAD-E variant of the Tiger offers advantages over the HAP-E Tigers currently in service. The Spanish Army has purchased 24 of these helicopters. To date, six HAP-E Tigers have been delivered to the Attack Helicopter Battalion. Their satisfactory deployment in Afghanistan during 2013 represents an important milestone for this helicopter.

Airbus Helicopters has also officially launched its new Open Innovation program. Created to support new technologies applicable to the helicopter industry in the short term, the program invites companies to offer their services to Airbus Helicopters through a submission process. Creators of the selected projects are offered a partnership with Airbus Helicopters through a predefined contractual framework encompassing specific aspects of innovation, such as the development of expertise and intellectual property, and the potential for industrial development over time. The program is open to all legal entities with a suitable industrial or scientific framework. Though currently aimed at French companies, it will soon be open to businesses around the world.

Companies wishing to sign up for the Open Innovation program or obtain more information may access the portal at the Airbus Helicopters website, the Partner Portal or, from February 2015, at

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