Bristow Opens New Passenger Terminal at Galliano

By Staff Writer | February 23, 2015

Bristow Group Ltd. has opened a new 23,000 square-foot helicopter terminal at its Galliano base in Louisiana that offers increased security and greater conveniences for passengers, including expanded check-in, waiting and customer service areas, increased baggage handling and more parking. The terminal will serve as a temporary facility for Bristow’s operations through 2015 while the company re-builds a permanent terminal building nearby.

At nearly three times the size of its previous terminal land side facility, Bristow’s new terminal features an expanded check-in area, with four Express Self Check-in kiosks and three live check-in desks to better facilitate the approximately 375 passengers traveling through the terminal daily. The new terminal has a larger, brighter flight departure lounge with increased seating capacity, and a new customer service function for passengers to resolve routine travel issues more easily. Bristow also increased parking at the site, adding 500 more spaces at the terminal and an additional parking area offsite with frequent shuttle service for travelers.

Bristow is the first provider in the Gulf of Mexico to introduce wholesale security screening for all transiting passengers of each client. To make security screening faster and more convenient for customers, Bristow implemented enhanced security procedures at the new facility, installing three walkthrough magnetometers and three automated x-ray baggage screening machines near customer briefing rooms. The company is also introducing increased baggage handling services for clients. Travelers are now able to place their bags at a secured drop-off point after heading through security while Bristow staff members transport and load them to the helicopter.


Bristow’s Galliano Deep Water Support Facility is the largest of Bristow’s six bases in North America, housing 34 aircraft that operate an average of 50 daily flights to offshore drilling rigs, production platforms and seismic vessels in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The base sits on roughly 160 acres in Southeastern Louisiana, adjacent to a four lane divided state highway and local shopping, hotel and food amenities. Clients consist mostly of international, independent and major integrated oil and gas companies.

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