P&WC FAST Engine Diagnostic Solution Certified on AW139

By Staff Writer | March 3, 2015

HAI Heli-Expo 2015 Orlando, Fla. – Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) recently certified the Flight Data Acquisition Storage and Transmission (FAST™) engine diagnostic solution for the AgustaWestland AW139. This system will provide operators with an end-to-end application for managing all helicopter engine performance data. 

FAST continuously monitors and records all engine data. At the end of every mission, the data is sent wirelessly to P&WC’s FAST data-management system, which automatically detects a power assurance point and sends the power assurance check  (PAC) data to a Designated Analysis Centre (DAC). The DAC then uses the WebECTM® tool for trending and notification of the engine’s performance. This eliminates the need for manual PACs and data downloads for trend monitoring, saving both time and money. Customers can also choose where and how they wish to be notified of their engine’s performance data. Later this year, FAST will have the capability to provide an Automatic Power Assurance Check (APAC) from the flight deck.  Upon the addition of this on-board capability, FAST will measure the engine’s performance parameters, automatically calculate the PAC as per the rotorcraft flight manual and directly provide the flight crew with performance values and rapid engine performance feedback.

“FAST integrates all performance metrics into a single hardware and software solution, which has considerable appeal for the helicopter industry,” said John Di Bert, Vice President, Customer Service, P&WC. “With FAST, operators can proactively plan their maintenance events. The system provides early detection, so preventive maintenance can be conducted thereby minimizing the effect on dispatch availability. It also provides timely post-flight event reviews, which quickly enable the determination of an aircraft’s immediate availability.”


The FAST system is optimized to work with the WebECTM tool provided by CAMP Systems International, the exclusive P&WC-designated engine trend monitoring provider. CAMP DACs can provide a complete hands-off automated end-to-end solution, from data acquisition and data analysis to event alerts and monthly reports, along with easy Web access to the data and analysis. The WebECTM tool is the only one that uses P&WC-provided analytical algorithms and processes that are optimized for P&WC engines. 

The FAST system is unique in that it goes beyond traditional diagnostics, prognostics and trend monitoring; the product can also acquire, store and transmit data from the flight data recorder thus allowing customer review of flight operational quality assurance (FOQA).This gives operators an operational advantage in a very competitive environment.


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