Turbomeca Finalizes SBH Contracts with Numerous Operators

By Staff Writer | March 5, 2015

HAI Heli-Expo 2015 Orlando, Fla. - Turbomeca (Safran) companies across the world have finalized Support By the Hour (SBH) contracts with numerous operators flying a wide range of missions. At HAI Heli-Expo 2015, Canadian operator Coast to Coast signed an SBH contract with Turbomeca Canada covering the Arrius 1A engines in its AS 355 helicopters.

At the end of 2014 Aiut Alpin Dolomites, a mountain rescue service based in northern Italy, and launch customer of the new EC135 T3, signed an SBH contract with Turbomeca Support France covering its Arrius 2B2Plus turbines. Turbomeca Asia Pacific and India’s Ghodawat Entreprises Limited have also agreed on an SBH contract to support their Arrius 2B2 and Arrius 2F engines. Ghodawat Entreprises operates EC135 and EC120 on business air charter operations. In April 2015 an EC130 T2, fitted with Arriel 2D engines, will be added to their fleet.

Turbomeca Germany has signed contracts with Fonnafly AS (Arriel 2D), Helitrans (Arriel 2D), Norsk Luftambulanse (Arriel 2E) and Scandinavian MediCopter (Arriel 2E). In addition Antair, Turbomeca Mexico’s Certified Maintenance Center, signed an SBH contract covering the Arriel 2D turbines in service with Servicios Aéreos La Viña, an operator performing utility missions in Morelia, Michoacán.


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