Aero Products Unveils Aircraft Decommissioning Service

By Staff Writer | March 12, 2015

Aero Products Component Services, an Arizona based Bell Helicopter Customer Service facility has announced the unveiling of its aircraft decommissioning service.

As legacy model aircraft continue to age, many operators make the decision that, instead of selling their once valued asset for pennies on the dollar, they opt to decommission the airframe in exchange for selling the sum of its valued parts and accessories.

“We made the decision to add the decommissioning service to our business as a result of customer demand, knowing that many operators who have aging legacy model aircraft are having a difficult time determining how they can get the maximum return on their once valued asset," said Ted Johnson, President of Aero Products. "As it’s been said, 'the sum of the parts are worth more than the whole'. This is especially true in the current economic climate, where helicopter parts demand exceeds current supply."


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