FreeFlight Systems Releases ADS-B View 2.0

By Staff Writer | April 13, 2015

FreeFlight Systems has released ADS-B View 2.0 – a free NextGen aviation iPad app that provides graphical weather, traffic and textual data to the aircraft pilot and crew. Weather and traffic information is received by the RANGR ADS-B system, transmitted to the tablet via WiFi, and overlayed on the ADS-B View map.

“As with the previous version, and in keeping with the ‘Free Weather and Traffic’ philosophy of ADS-B, the app is available free of charge from the Apple store and works with any FreeFlight Systems ADS-B In system,” said Tim Taylor, company President and CEO. Current ADS-B View users simply need to update their existing app to receive the benefits of the newest version.

The graphical weather can be placed into a looping mode so that weather changes can be viewed over time. The map can be configured to show runways, roads, lakes, and state and county lines. Bookmarks allow the user to easily return to previously viewed areas. The user can select a freely-scrollable map view, or have the aircraft remain centered on the map either North-up or Track-up. In addition, textual information, such as METARs, is provided.


ADS-B View 2.0 offers the ability for user selection of an ownship position source, a new graphics engine and additional connectivity support. Selection of an ownship position source allows users with an installed RANGR system to use the internal WAAS/GPS to drive the position source on their iPad. Users also have the option choose external Bluetooth GPS data depending on personal preference.

The new graphics engine provides increased responsiveness to user interaction, including smoother scrolling and full map rotation capability. Additional connectivity support allows for fewer disruptions when connectivity between the tablet and the transceiver is poor. It also enables multiple tablets to connect to the same transceiver, which was not supported by ADS-B View 1.0.

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