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By Staff Writer | April 16, 2015


ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429)

From Aerospace Optics, manufacturer of the best-in-class VIVISUN® line of pushbutton switches comes the new NEXSYS ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429). ARINC Signal Converters bridge the gap between the digital data bus and the myriad of equipment driven by a discrete electrical signal. The SR429 is designed to provide up to 23 discrete outputs from a single data label. With full DO-160 and equivalent MIL-SPEC standards compliance, this flight-worthy converter is manufactured without DO-178 and DO-264 requirements. This unique interface solution contains no software, firmware or programmable logic. The SR429 is ideally suited to support the ADS-B mandate and can be used in any application requiring an ARINC 429 to discrete interface. For maximum flexibility, the SR429 is available as either a factory preset unit or as a universal (user configurable) unit. For more information, call the company at 1-888-848-4786 or visit


Axnes MP50 PNG Transceiver


Axnes’ new MP50 high-end transceiver is a part of the Polycon Next Generation (PNG) wireless intercom system, designed with HEMS, SAR, CSAR and special mission operations in mind. The transceiver is both waterproof and dustproof to IP68 and is submersible to 3 meters for 24 hours. The MP50 is designed in a rugged full metal housing that enables reliable operation in demanding environments. AXNES PNG utilizes software-defined radio technology working in the UHF band for intercom functions. The MP50 is a dual band transceiver, incorporating also VHF band communication to increase the communication ability of the outside crew to other resources. It is equipped with a GPS receiver, AIS SART distress beacon and voice tagging technology. The system also features voice tagging technology, which means all changes on the transceivers such as mode, channel and volume will be announced via aural messages in the users headset/helmet. Because of this technology, the system can be operated without looking at the display. For more information, visit


Aero Dynamix Illuminated Edge Lit Panels (ELP)

Aero Dynamix provides NVG solutions for today’s pilots. The company’s Illuminated Edge Lit Panels for aircraft are manufactured in-house with capabilities that include water cutting, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, silk screen and laser marking in addition to a robotics paint facility. Aero Dynamix laser etched Illuminated Edge Lit Panels (ELP) provide the highest quality markings available using high resolution optics. Products include: NVIS ELPs, non-NVG ELPs, panels with removable circuit boards or embedded lamps, control heads, consoles, circuit breaker panels, bezels and instrument overlays. For more information, visit

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