Competition Launched to Design AW609 Corporate Cabin

By Staff Writer | May 1, 2015

AgustaWestland is seeking designers’ proposals for an all-new cabin design for its AW609 TiltRotor

The competition follows one last year that led to exclusive cabin layout and dedicated paint scheme for the new-generation AW169 light intermediate twin; these were designed by the selection of the Lanzavecchia+Wai design studio of Italy and Singapore. The four-seat interior design, featuring advanced materials, focused on optimizing the use of the internal space and enhancing the overall flight experience.

AgustaWestland is now seeking a completely new interior configuration for the AW609. The winner will be announced in October.


The manufacturer said the initiative highlights its desire to innovate and develop new cabin interior concepts that will benefit future customers, drawing on ideas beyond the usual interior design players and leading fashion design houses.     

With approximately 1,200 flight hours logged by the first two AW609 prototypes and two more aircraft being readied for certification testing, AgustaWestland said, the AW609 development program is progressing toward FAA type certification in 2017. It says nearly 60 customers have chosen the AW609 globally to perform several missions, many of them for executive passenger transport duties.

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