Russian Helicopters Fly on Anniversary of End of WWII’s Eastern Front

By Staff Writer | May 12, 2015

On Saturday, Russian Helicopters' Mi-26, Mi-28N Night Hunter, Mi-35M, Ka-52 Alligator and Mi-8/17 military helicopters took part in parade ceremonies on Moscow's Red Square and in towns and cities across Russia to mark the 70th anniversary of allied forces' victory on the Eastern Front of WWII - known today in Russia as the Great Patriotic War.


Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

Approximately 150 aircraft were involved in the victory parade on Red Square. The helicopter lineup included crews from the legendary "Berkuty" (Golden Eagles) display team flying Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters.



Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

The crew of the helicopters taking part in the parade comprised top-class professionals with the outstanding flying abilities needed to carry off such flights. The victory parade program was thoroughly rehearsed, and the performance on May 9 was delivered to great acclaim from spectators drawn from all across Russia and from other countries.

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