Russian Helicopters Launches 3D Helicopter Model App

By Staff Writer | May 22, 2015

Russian Helicopters has launched a 3D modelling app allowing users to learn about  - and in some cases, go on virtual tours - of the company's helicopter models. The app is compatible with computers and laptops running the Windows or Mac OS. This is the first development of its kind in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The app is built like a 3D construction kit and makes it possible to 'assemble' a unique model meeting each user's individual requirements. Every model can be enhanced with the specific equipment and functions the user requires. This new system makes it possible to quickly and easily review the helicopters' parameters and capabilities, and to explore its systems and components.

The Windows and Mac OS versions can be downloaded from by clicking one of the helicopter models. The app is also available for free at Google Play, and an iPad app will soon be available via the App Store.



Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

The Russian Helicopters website also features new Production Technology content, which offers an overview of the latest technologies employed in the production of systems and components for modern helicopters. After selecting the technology that is of interest, the online platform 'takes' the user to the enterprise where it is used. The online visual archive (comprising photos and videos) then offers a detailed insight into how helicopters are built – from the production of individual components to the final assembly.


Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

This is not Russian Helicopters' first successful 3D online project. Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, which designs Mi- series helicopters, already boasts an efficient digital helicopter design system. That system also operates at several other Russian Helicopters companies.

There are many companies within Russia, and globally, that claim their products are fully 3D designed, but this bold claim does not always correspond to the reality. In many instances, the blueprints remain the real design documents. Mastering a new approach to design, in which the digital model truly is the fundamental design document, marks a new phase in the development of modern design.

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