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Group Claims 99 Percent Compliance With NY Noise Rules

By Staff Writer | May 27, 2015

The Eastern Region Helicopter Council says 99 percent of 1,059 flights in and out of East Hampton Airport on New York’s Eastern Long Island over the recent holiday weekend complied with noise-abatement procedures, according to published reports. That airport serves the highbrow beach communities collectively known as the Hamptons. Area residents have long complained about helicopter noise.  The East Hampton town board had planned after May 19 to restrict “noisy aircraft”—defined in a list it published that included more than 25 helicopter types—to one single landing and takeoff a week during the summer (the Hamptons’ busiest season) and prohibit their operation between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m. local time. But the town relented after opponents sued and a federal judge said she planned to rule by June 8. The helicopter council said in its first preliminary “compliance and tracking report” of the summer that it had tracked a total of 1,059 takeoffs or landings at the airport by general aviation aircraft, helicopters, jets and seaplanes from May 21 to May 26 for compliance with noise-abatement rules (voluntary curfews, designated routes and altitude restrictions). It claimed only 42 of those operations did not comply with the noise rules.

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