CybAero’s Helicopter System Acceptance Tested For China Customs

By Staff Writer | June 3, 2015

CybAero, developer and manufacturer of remotely piloted helicopter systems, has completed its acceptance testing of the first of three systems ordered by China Customs in January 2014. The systems will operate from on board three new ships, and will be used for applications including customs control, port management and anti-smuggling operations. The first system will now be shipped to the client for additional testing and final integration with the ship. The remaining two systems will be shipped shortly thereafter.

The main component of each system is CybAero’s APID 60 autonomous helicopter with the extended capability to automatically operate from ships. This also includes ground control stations and landing systems supporting the capability of the helicopters to automatically take off and land on ships. The system gives China Customs the ability to efficiently and automatically survey very large areas.

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