An Expanded Bill of Rights?

By Staff Writer | June 8, 2015

Big changes could be ahead for anyone who faces—or might ever face—an investigation by the U.S. FAA. The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2, proposed in the Senate last February by Oklahoma Republican Jim Inhofe, would greatly expand the rights of investigation subjects. That senator is the author of the first bill of rights, signed into law in August 2012. His latest bill aims to clarify parts of that law, which imposed stricter procedures and standards of evidence on the FAA. A similar bill has been proposed in the House of Representatives. One of the biggest changes in the new bills? They specify that the new rights apply to every FAA certificate holder (operators, flight schools, repair stations, mechanics, etc.), not just to pilots. Congress is considering the bills. CORRECTION: As originally published, this item incorrectly identified the Senate sponsor of the bill as Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). We apologize for the error.

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