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Airbus Helicopters Upgrades Bavarian Police H135s

By Staff Writer | June 17, 2015

Germany's Bavarian State Police force is benefiting from a new retrofit package offered by Airbus Helicopters, in which the force's previously-built EC135 helicopters are upgraded to the newest performance, handling and safety standards of Airbus' H135 product line. The force's helicopters are flown to Airbus Helicopters' production facility in Donauwörth, Germany—where the H135 is produced. When fully upgraded, each aircraft has an enlarged main rotor with improved blade profiles, lateral instead of front-mounted engine air intakes, augmented engine capacities, an extension of the horizontal stabilizer’s span and removal of its endplates, and a mini bumper in place of the tail skid. Three of the force's H135s have been returned and are currently in service, with the remaining five upgrades scheduled for the coming months.

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